Post Your Remote Job

Currently in Private Beta

Hi there. Thank you for the interest in posting your remote job! At the moment though, I'm keeping the job postings fairly curated — or in "private beta" in the parlace of our times. The main reason for this is that I want to make sure all job postings are 100% remote-friendly.

During some of my past job searches I came across a lot of jobs that claimed to be remote-friendly but ended up being much less later on in the interview process. I don't want any jobs or companies found on this site to put job seekers through the same kinds of hassles.

To make an effort to prevent this I'm trying to work closely with companies at the outset to get the right kinds of jobs posted here. I know there are many other jobs boards out there, so I'm relying on the quality and type of jobs found here to make it valuable.

All that being said, I obviously want as many great companies posting as many great remote jobs as possible (here and all across the internet), so if you represent such a company, please get in touch. We can talk more about what I'm trying to do here, what kinds of candidates you're looking for, and what you'd like out of a job board.

If this site proves to provide a unique value to job seekers and companies alike (I hope it does), I will open up job postings (but still have checks in place to ensure jobs posted here are remote-friendly).

Thanks for reading,
Nick Adams